Pinhole Detector

Pinhole Detector "argo" --General Purpose Automatic Pinhole Detector--

Capable of one-shot-scanning of all-surfaces & all-around the package! To keep a solid safety and quality.

「argo」製品画像-全体図- 「argo」製品画像-全体図-

1. Specification

a) Type
1. Type AJF-FD

b) Size
1. Width: 660 mm, Height: 1760 mm (including signal tower), Depth: 600 mm
2. Weight: 200 kg

c) Power
1. Single-phase 100 V
50/60 Hz
500 VA

d) High Voltage Power Unit
1. Max Voltage: 10 kV (1 kV - 10 kV, per 1kV) 2. Withstand Voltage between input and body: AC 500V, for 1 min.
f) Caution
1. Be sure to ground the machine. (ground terminal)

"argo" In-Line Inspector introducing movie

There can be some differences depending on the specifications.

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